Understanding the Dataset & DataLoader in PyTorch

Update on 9-Apr-2020

  1. I have created a very simple example on Github. Please take a look at the link.
  2. I had an opportunity to present regarding Faster R-CNN. The slides can be found here. Note, I adapted figures from multiple sources (inc. textbooks, blog posts, etc); the original material can be found from links on the slides.


PyTorch has multiple well known Computer Vision models built-in, which can readily be used for transfer learning as well as training your own models. There are many examples and official tutorials, e.g.

After some surveys, I thought

Authorised users only

Recently I had the opportunity to learn how to host a Flask application on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Cloud Run and Cloud Endpoints. Though official documentation is provided, it took me some time to understand and implement the various components correctly. In this article, I am going to show you how to deploy a Flask app on Cloud Run with authentication. Let’s deploy a web application on GCP with an authentication process.

Takashi Nakamura, PhD

Data scientist and machine learning engineer. PhD in Signal Processing for Neuroscience. https://www.linkedin.com/in/takashi-nakamura-004875a6/

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